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Dual Projector Rig for Polarized Projection

Matěj Boháč

In 2012 I acquired a pair of second-hand DLP projectors (Optoma EP910) to be used for polarized projection of stereoscopic material. To make the unit easily and safely transportable and to simplify all necessary adjustments, I designed and built this compact stand.

dual projector rig

Front view

The unit is enclosed in a solid box envelope, providing absolute mechanical protection, with cut-outs allowing access to all controls, lenses and most importantly ensuring unobstructed ventilation. These projectors are big (and heavy), so I designed the envelope as tight as possible.

The basic material used is solid 15mm plywood, joint using M6 screws and metal furniture nuts.

Both projectors are attached to slabs that allow for precision adjustment using thumb screws. The slab carrying the upper projector features three-point alignment of the height, and the bottom projector can be rotated sideways around a pivot point. Aligning the projected images with these controls is fast and absolutely accurate.

dual projector rig

Back view

The rig can be laid on the base for bottom projection, but also inverted and laid upside-down for projecting from a high platform. All 8 corners of both bases are equipped with M8 threads for fine-adjustment feet.

I can provide detailed CAD drawings of the unit in case of interest.

dual projector rig

A detail of the vertical alignment of the upper projector. There are two controls at the back for tilting the projector sideways and one at the front to raise or lower the projected beam. The thumb nuts are custom made of aluminium (26mm outer diameter, M8 thread).

dual projector rig

A detail of the pivot point of the bottom projector (M6 screw with a spring washer).

dual projector rig

Adjustment of the rotation of the bottom projector (the same M8 thumb nuts as used for vertical control).

dual projector rig

A demonstration of the robustness of the set-up :-) A nice orthoscopic viewing postion! ;-)

dual projector rig

The unit was too big to fit in any available back-pack, so I had to sew my own. Ready to go hiking!:-) Seriously, I believe this is the easiest and safest way of transporting those pricey and delicate devices.

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